eBook Price: $30

"The Eureka Moment" is a collection of 6 thought-provoking demonstrations from Robert Domenech.

 Within the virtual pages of this e-book you will find routines that range from the simple to the bold and daring. 
While each routine is described in full detail (including color pictures and even a video), please note that this is NOT a book for beginners! 

Included within:
Afterthought - An impromptu method of reading minds. 

Brute Strength - The performer guides a participant through a demonstration of mind over matter. The end result leaves the volunteer with a souvenir to remember you by. 

Poolside Prediction - A jaw-dropping prediction that is clean and simple. 

About Face - A participant is able to correctly identify the name of someone he's/she's never met before. 

A Strange Feeling - A completely impromptu routine that packs a serious punch! All that's required are: A marker/pen, one or more participants, and nerves of steel. 

Memory Lane - The performer is able to describe, in great detail, an actual memory from a participant's mind. This is a very flexible routine that gives the performer plenty of room to play with his own skill-set. 

 Rob Domenech has produced a wonderful offering for the mentalism community in a style that is uniquely his own. For the strength, flexibility and quality of this work the price tag alone will have you shouting 'Eureka!' This is a great find where the real value is much more than the asking price.  Within this book lies a collection of signature 'Rob D.' material. I smiled as I read through his tremendous first offering and when I think of Rob Domenech the effects contained herein immediately spring to mind. I met Rob years ago and many of the pieces contained within 'Eureka' are effects and presentations he shared with me way back then. It's so refreshing to see a dedicated performer that has put in the necessary hard work and continued to actively use and promote the growth of these routines so he could share them with you in their fullness.  'Eureka' and Rob Domenech are very welcome energies in the mentalism community at this time. I enjoyed this book and the style in which it was written very much and I believe that you will too.  Well done, Rob.
Jerome Finley  

I thoroughly enjoyed reading through this book, and finding myself happily surprised with the workability and strength of the effects. Retrospectively the effect 'Afterthought' springs to mind as a great piece of impromptu mentalism with a personal touch. Equally the bold nature of 'A Strange Feeling' is an effect to excite the performer, and test those big brass ones! Since reading 'A Strange Feeling' I have been performing it regularly to astonishing reactions from my punters. Grab a copy and test the size of your pair!
Paul Brook

  Rob is a very close friend of mine. In fact, we live about 5 minutes apart from one another. I've ACTUALLY SEEN ROB PERFORM SEVERAL TIMES... impromptu mentalism, stage mentalism, and "walk-around" pieces. Rob is extremely meticulous about his craft, and he is a purist. He loves his art, and he would never contribute anything less than his best. (And that is why Banachek included him in the most recent PS3.) I can testify that the routines in this book all work. I've seen them all performed.... and they are phenomenal.  Everytime I see Rob, I smack him in the face for pricing this material at only $30.00. (The swelling goes down in 30 minutes or so... after some ice.) This stuff is good. Really really good. With everything out there, I seldom get what I pay for. This material is worth every penny.  Thank you, Rob, for helping all of us become better at what we do. Your first (of many) written contribution is as solid as your commitment to this art form."  
Jim Munroe 

The explanations are thorough and clear, for me that is a huge plus. I have a tendency to over interpret if there is ambiguity. The nuances that are touched upon are great.  I can say that Rob's dare in the book is worth taking. This effect (A Strange Feeling), I used on a psychologist, and it left her dumbfounded. For me, that alone was worth it."  
Walter Davis

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